Monday, April 5, 2010

Ben Weber: Matman and Joker

Shawn Jansen of the Merced Sun-Star wrote this profile of Ben Weber, a young man who wrestles for the Golden Valley High School team here in Merced. The piece stuck in my mind, among the other bric-a-brac. A friend's recent Facebook post about a group of extraordinary young people who took action against lunatic hater Fred Phelps's Westboro Baptist "Church" group, brought Ben back to the forefront of my consciousness.

Weber is an outstanding example of what's right with teenagers today. He is his own person, secure in his abilities as a athlete, and utterly refreshing in his attitude about any perceptions others may have as to his sexuality.

So here, pried free from that clutter over near the far corner of my mind, dusted off and neatly festooned with croutons, is "Ben Weber: Matman and Joker."

I'll be launching an expedition to find the Fred Phelps resistance piece later. It's difficult to find stalwart Sherpas to navigate the rat's maze that is my memory, so the process of fund-raising bake sales, raffles, and judicious high-yield kidnappings usually takes longer than my gnat-like attention span can spend focusing on a task.

Meanwhile, I'm beginning to feel those pesky stirrings of hope about the next generation. 

Note to self: must be careful about that, as it could lead to progress and change (or thinking about "hopey-changey things like that" ) - and a place on paranoid raver Glenn Beck's "social justice commie pinko totalitarian fascist queers" list.

However, having checked out the list thoroughly, I think I'd be honored to be included in such distinguished company.

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