Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wounded Times: Tebow salutes war hero Marine by wearing wristband bearing his name

Wounded Times: Tebow salutes war hero Marine by wearing wristband bearing his name

Marine Corporal Michael Nicholson is the name of the man whose likeness is currently being used by meme generators everywhere. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Farewell to Teeth - 3

The pain - that was the thing . . .

The pain wasn’t bad the last time - that time Samra had “infiltrated.” It was gentle, slow, and the gums had been properly numbed prior. It wasn’t gas - but it wasn’t bad. He’d had worse - the root canal injections stabbing deep into deep root-nerves - almost metallic. “Infiltration” was a gentle breeze.

But the teeth were going, the gums receding like the snow in spring.

And the leopard was waiting - an elegant pattern of black on gold. Or white, to go with the snow. And the teeth.

Was there gold in that tooth? The back one. He wondered.. Would they allow him his own teeth?

For the salvage and recycling value?

He drank the good wine and thought again about the Jordan Almond. And that first root canal.

And the pain.

It would pass.

In the snow.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Farewell to Teeth - 2

The teeth had risen white once like Kilimanjaro. But they were past their time. They would pass, as a leopard does. On the white slopes. They would one by one go. Quickly.

And he would feel no pain. A dead leopard in snow. Under ether? He did not know.

He would eat M&Ms and the teeth would still gleam, white and dying.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Damned Philosophy - I

Sartre was wall-eyed: being only seemed to precede essence; his vision was skewed.
Bausch and Lomb would've set him straight.

Nietzsche was, let's face it, a syphilitic raver toward the end, and not an essentially cheery person at best.
Today, he'd be tranked into submission with Zoloft.

A Farewell to Teeth

“A Farewell to Teeth”

      They had been good, the teeth. They had, in their day, cracked the hulls of growing things. The black walnuts on the base cracked only in the hand, he found. Teeth would not do. He’d cracked the first tooth on one of those.
     The Jordan almond, though - that had been the one.

     At a late night showing of “From Dusk Till Dawn,” he’d had Jordan Almonds. Not the soft thing he’d expected. Not the light candy shell of M&Ms. Not the soft chocolate and/or peanuts.

     No. The tooth had cracked, the sugar coating baked hard. The pain instant. Something hot shot up into his eye. It passed. All things would pass.

     Like his teeth.