Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Farewell to Teeth

“A Farewell to Teeth”

      They had been good, the teeth. They had, in their day, cracked the hulls of growing things. The black walnuts on the base cracked only in the hand, he found. Teeth would not do. He’d cracked the first tooth on one of those.
     The Jordan almond, though - that had been the one.

     At a late night showing of “From Dusk Till Dawn,” he’d had Jordan Almonds. Not the soft thing he’d expected. Not the light candy shell of M&Ms. Not the soft chocolate and/or peanuts.

     No. The tooth had cracked, the sugar coating baked hard. The pain instant. Something hot shot up into his eye. It passed. All things would pass.

     Like his teeth.


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